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Niki Bezzant

A Plant-Based Diet

Niki Bezzant
Writer, Speaker, Commentator


Niki Bezzant is a writer, speaker and commentator on food and health. She’s the founding editor (now editor-at-large) of Healthy Food Guide magazine, a columnist for the Herald on Sunday and a frequent contributor to broadcast media. Niki has been involved in the food media for 20 years. She is a proud ambassador for the Garden to Table programme which helps kids learn how to grow, cook and share food. She is a member of the Council of Directors for the True Health Initiative, a global coalition of health professionals dedicated to sharing a science-based message of what we know for sure about lifestyle and health, and a board member for the NZ Nutrition Foundation. 

A Plant-Based Diet

What does a plant-based diet really mean? And are the new meat-free proteins the way forward?

– What might the future of plant-based protein look like?

– How NZ can take advantage of the trend towards plant-based eating?

– What does a plant-based diet really mean? 

…all while tasting some meat-free, plant-based protein dishes!

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