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Tim Cutfield

Precision Agri

Tim Cutfield
Chief Operations Officer, Tauranga based GPS-it


GPS-it specialises in agricultural mapping services and mapping based software.  Tim joined GPS-it from Fonterra where, in his role as Farmer innovations manager, he lead the formation of Agrigate and the “NXT Gen Farming” initiative which is focused on Farm Source’s role in on-farm technology adoption. Tim has broad experience based in agriculture and business management, coming from a farming background (sheep and beef in the Western Bays of Taupo), with experience in viticulture (Gisborne and the Hawkes Bay), kiwifruit and avocado growing (BOP) as well as corporate project management and running his own businesses.

Precision Agri

Precision Agriculture has traditionally been the domain of broad acre cropping in the US. But what are today’s applications in the New Zealand horticultural sector?

In this presentation, we will touch on some of these real-world uses and the and some of the impediments that are holding them back. We will look at the organisations that are trying to break down these barriers.

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